Barre Arms and Core Workout


This is a barre arms and core workout that you can do anywhere. All you need is a light pair of dumbbells, ranging from 2-5 lbs. 

Hi friends! Hope you had a happy weekend and that that those of you who were celebrating Father’s Day enjoyed the holiday with those you love. We had backyard dinner and swimming at my dad’s house,

For this morning, I’m coming atcha with a new upper body and core workout. This workout uses some of my favorite barre-based exercises, and focuses on muscular endurance for the weights segment. I threw in some cardio blasts for good measure. 😉 It’s easy to related barre to the lower body and core benefits, but we can often forget that it can also help to strengthen and lean out the upper body muscles. Endurance exercises are so important to include in your routine. Not only do they help to change things up – we need to adjust the demands on our body to continue to achieve results – but also because it’s functional for life. What muscles are you using when you carry 18 bags of groceries from the car into the house and it takes you a few minutes because dogs and kids are trying to trip you? Endurance muscles.

Here’s a workout I put together using some of my favorite upper body arm exercises and a core blast at the end!

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