Global Running Day is an annual celebration that brings together millions of runners worldwide to promote the joys and benefits of running. This special day, marked by the hashtag #GlobalRunningDay, encourages people of all ages and abilities to lace up their running shoes and hit the pavement. If you’re eager to join the running community in your area and participate in local Global Running Day events, this blog post will guide you on how to find them easily. Let’s go!

Global Running Day 2023 Sales and Events

  1. Connect with Local Running Clubs and Groups

One of the best ways to uncover Global Running Day events in your area is to connect with local running clubs and groups. These organizations often host group runs and special activities to commemorate Global Running Day. Start by searching community sites or using social media platforms to find running clubs near you. Join their online communities or mailing lists to stay informed about upcoming events and celebrations.

The Badass Lady Gang is hosting group runs in the New York City area this week. Check their instagram and website for details.

  1. Check with Local Running Stores

Local running stores are not only great places to shop for running gear but are also hubs for running communities. Visit or call your nearest running store and inquire about any Global Running Day events they may be organizing or promoting. Many stores collaborate with running clubs and host fun runs or group activities on this special day. They can provide valuable information on events and many are offering discounts and promos around the day.

Fleet Feet is a running store with locations all around the US and most are hosting a Global Running Day Run. Find a Fleet Feet Store Location near you here.

Road Runner Sports has several locations in a dozen states in the US and most are hosting a Global Running Day Event. Find a Road Runner Sports Location near you here.

Charm City Run has several locations in Maryland. Find a Charm City Run Location near you here.

Snail’s Pace Running Store has four locations in Southern California. Find a Snail’s Pace Running Store near you here. 

Foot Traffic Running Store has several locations in the Portland area. Find a Foot Traffic Running Store near you here.

Lululemon isn’t a running store, but most locations host group runs. Use the Lululemon Store Locator at the top for find one near you.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Harness the power of social media platforms to uncover Global Running Day events in your area. Follow relevant hashtags like #GlobalRunningDay and #RunningEvents on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These hashtags often highlight posts related to Global Running Day events, making it easier for you to find local happenings. Additionally, join running-related groups or follow pages that promote local races and running events to stay up-to-date.

  1. Visit Race Event Websites

Race event websites are excellent resources for finding Global Running Day events in your locality. Visit popular race directories and search for events taking place on or around Global Running Day. These websites typically provide detailed event information, including dates, distances, registration details, and any associated celebrations. Don’t forget to sign up early, as some events may have limited spots available.

  1. Engage with Running Apps

Running apps have become invaluable tools for the running community, offering features such as tracking, training plans, and event discovery. Download popular running apps like Strava, Runkeeper, or Nike Run Club, and explore their event sections. Many of these apps curate local running events and celebrations, including those happening on Global Running Day. Set your location preferences, and you’ll receive notifications about events near you.

#GlobalRunningDay Sales and Events

Rock N Roll Marathon Global Running Day Discounts – The huge race series is offering their best prices of the year with big discounts on 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathons all around the world.

Best Dam Run Series Discount – get 15% off with discount code: BESTDAMNRUNDAY23

Capstone Event Group Discount on several races on the East Coast. Click here for the limited time sale.

The Florida Marathon (Feb 2024) Discount – get $10 off with code: RUNRUN23

Run Malibu is hosting a giveway for 2 race entries on their instagram here – @runmalibu

Road Runner Sports and Run to Change Lives Virtual Run is hosting a raffle for a pair of running shoes that you can enter if you complete their virtual run challenge.

Strava and New York Road Runners – Hosting a free virtual 5K in honor of Global Running Day. Participants get a virtual Strava badge.

Also – use the Global Running Day hashtag on Instagram and Tiktok to find more events, giveaways and sales on June 7, 2023 – #GlobalRunningDay 

***We’ll update this page June 7th when more Global Running Day promos are available. Check back throughout the day so you don’t miss out.***

Global Running Day is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the global running community while celebrating the joy of running. If you’ve been thinking about joining a group or signing up for a race – this is the day to do it! Connect with running clubs, check with local stores, utilize social media platforms, visit race event websites, and engage with running apps to stay informed about upcoming events. Embrace the spirit of #GlobalRunningDay and enjoy a day filled with camaraderie, fitness, and the thrill of running!

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