The best protein for sensitive stomachs

The best protein for sensitive stomachs?

If you’re someone who loves the energizing boost and muscle building power of protein shakes…

But your stomach begins to grumble within minutes of finishing the last sip, this is not normal.

And I’m not judging!

I’ve struggled with lots of digestive issues over the years.

And I went through this same thing when trying to find the best protein powder for me, and I’ve learned it’s something most people just accept as a normal side effect.

But the truth is, if your stomach reacts negatively to your choice of protein, it means your body is not digesting or absorbing it properly, and you’re flushing money down the toilet (pun intended.)

So what’s causing these digestive issues?

There are a few things that are common with most protein powders that could be to blame:

  1. Lack of digestive enzymes: The body needs certain enzymes to break down protein into smaller peptide molecules that can be absorbed by the body. If you are lacking these enzymes, it can make it more difficult to digest protein.
  2. Poor gut health: An unhealthy gut microbiome and/or low stomach acid can make it more difficult to digest protein.
  3. Intolerance to certain proteins: Some people may be intolerant to certain types of protein, such as dairy or gluten, which can cause digestive issues.

But I have good news for all the sensitive stomach protein lovers out there…

I found a protein powder that not only was gentle on my own stomach, but everyone with gut issues that I’ve recommended it to agrees…

>>> This is the #1 easiest to digest protein powder out there.

It’s made from grass-fed and finished bones which are one of the best, natural sources of collagen protein that your body can easily recognize and absorb.

How? Collagen has been broken down into smaller peptide molecules, which makes it easier for the body to utilize.

PLUS – It’s FREE of the top 6 gut irritants: gluten, grain, soy, dairy, refined sugar, & unnecessary processing ingredients.

And the best part?

Collagen actually has a ton of gut supportive benefits!

I literally put it in everything from my morning iced coffee to soups and smoothies to sauces and so much more. It dissolves instantly and does not change the taste or texture of the food.

Every order comes with a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee. So if you aren’t a fan, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

Discover all the benefits of this gut-friendly protein powder + Get 15% OFF HERE!

PS – Did I mention it’s the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had? Available in both unflavored (great for adding to smoothies, baked dishes, & soups) & the New! chocolate flavor (tastes like a milkshake) you’ll look forward to your daily dose of protein every day. Try it risk free + get 15% OFF HERE!

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